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Hats & Hair Accessories From Prettycool.

Fascinators, Hats & Hair Accessories

We have been selling fascinators, hats and hair accessories for a long time and with over 500 styles & colours and a stock of over 1000 products we know our collection is really well priced and have designs suitable for all ages and occasions.  The most popular occasions are horse race meeting or wedding guest and the prices of our products are not going to break the bank after all the expense of being a guest at a wedding or a day at the races. 


From experience we know that with fine hair a hairband fitting is always a better idea, it stays in place and you will not need to worry about where to put it. A clip or a comb is more suitable for thicker hair and if you are having your hair up.

Our products have been divided into colours to make it easier for you to search for the correct shade.  They include hairbands, clips, and combs,  some that have both clip and hairband to give the versatility to choose how you wish to wear them. You are welcome to call us if you do need some help with a design or fitting to suit your hair and occasion.   

When the purchase arrives it may sometimes need a little steam applied just to bring the shape back, but almost always this is not necessary as we pack them well with tissue paper in a box.


Our hair accessories are packed in a box with tissue paper, we DO NOT send our products in bags or envelopes like other companies may do.