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Spring Scarves

Saturday, 18 January 2014  |  prettycool

I know it's still raining and has been for weeks, and I know we are all paying our credit card bills from Christmas, but we really should start thinking about our spring and summer wardrobe. The big problem is as always that the sunshine seems a million miles away from now, and I know you do not want to think of it yet, but all of a sudden the flowers are out, the leaves on the trees appear and we panic. "I've got nothing to wear!" I hear from all directions.

And it's true, what do you wear? One day it seems freezing and the next is really quite warm and you do not even need a coat, well the magic answer is... simply a scarf. Yes, a scarf, and it really is that easy. A scarf tucked into the neck of your coat can really change your whole look, and as a massive bonus they really do a great job of keeping you warm (I know it's more about the look when you are young) and snug on these cold mornings of spring, and you can test this by wearing the same outfit for a few days with a different scarf and I bet the comments would be "I love your scarf", it happens every day and a scarf is always the focal point of view.

Of course, when it warms up a little more the first thing we want to do is leave the coat hanging in the wardrobe but it's still a chilly for making such rash decisions, so again that fantastic fashion accessory the scarf comes into it's own. You can knot it around your neck to keep you really warm, or just swing it around once or even just covering your shoulders, and again you have a choice of many different looks with one piece of fashion accessories.

In the spring here at Pretty Cool we try to source some lightweight scarves, often with cotton lace and in many styles and colours, so I'm sure you can continue to wear your favourite fashion accessory - the scarf!

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