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Royal Wedding Fascinators

Saturday, 30 April 2011  |  prettycool

Wow, what a beautiful wedding, Kate looked stunning and so did many of their guests. An article in the Telegraph comments on the "Death of the Fascinator", I don't think so, they were there at the wedding worn by many guests including the royals.

Ok, this isn't one of the royals wearing our fascinators but they should have worn one of ours, this is our daughter wearing this obviously her invite was lost in the post as she looks every bit as good as those at the wedding. Perhaps Kate will choose one of ours for her next engagement.

What snobbery is involved with the wearing of fascinators by those who deem to be experts on what is tasteful and what is not. Surely if the royals and top celebrities are wearing fascinators how can they not be tasteful. The telegraph changes the description of the fascinators to suit themselves. When the so called hat resembles a fascinator they call it a headpiece, especially when worn by one of the royals. How convenient for them to change the term when it suits them.