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Nude Fascinators— You’re One Step Away from Nailing Your Wedding Look

Thursday, 31 March 2022  |  prettycool

It's wedding fever and the invitations are piling up! You have picked out a beautiful burgundy dress to wear at the wedding but what about the complementing accessories? While selecting the jewellery may not take much time, selecting the right fascinator will, and we have the perfect headwear in mind— nude fascinators.

Why nude fascinators and not cream, black, or navy fascinators?

Honestly, all will look good. Cream is a close relative of the colour nude, black always goes, and navy will create a lovely contrasting effect. If you want to buy a fascinator that goes with every outfit regardless of colour, nude fascinators will grant you your wish.

4 Nude Fascinators Styles
When searching for a fascinator, you’ll come across four different styles, a fascinator clip, headband, headband with clip, and comb.

1. Fascinator Clip is an alligator clip or a basic beak hair clip. Out of the three styles, this is the most commonly chosen style for two simple reasons— easy to use and works well with several hair types and lengths.

2. Fascinator Headband uses a hairband or an aliceband to remain in place. Satin fabric, matching the colour of the fascinator, covers the hairband. If you don’t want the hairband to be visible, you can opt for a fascinator with a narrow hairband. You can move the fascinator along the hairband and wear it on both sides of your head. This style goes with several hairstyles, is easy to wear, and stays on during windy conditions.

3. Fascinator with a Hairband and Clip is a two-in-one style that allows you to switch out the clip for a hairband and vice versa.

4. Comb Fascinators use a hair comb slide to attach to the hair. For thicker hair, comb fascinators work miracles by gripping your hair tightly. Since they firmly stay in place, you can use them as a hairstyling accessory to hold your hair. The comb stays concealed in your hairstyle. You can bust a move on the dance floor without worrying about the comb falling out.

Apart from style, you also need to consider the colour and design.
Rainbow of Colours and Versatile Designs
Our collection of fascinators consists of nude, navy, cream, green, gold, brown, and black fascinators, to name a few. You’re here because of your interest in wearing a nude fascinator. However, you want the nude fascinator to display tinges of colour to give it a little more personality. Our nude fascinators feature shades of dark peach, light peach, light pink, dusky pink, white, beige, and champagne gold.
Don’t want to pair the fascinator with the colour of your dress?

Then pair it with your hair colour instead!
Dark hair ravens will look amazing in pink, purple, blue, green, and red fascinators. Redheaded beauties will look sensational in nude, beige, and cream fascinators. Blond hair queens will look stunning in coral and silver or gold fascinators. Another fun option is to match the fascinator’s colour with your jewellery, bag, and shoes.
Mix and match fascinators with accessories to create an exquisite contrast.
You can create three types of contrast— high-value, medium-value, and low-value.

• High-value Contrast combines dark and light colours or neutrals. For instance, you can wear a nude fascinator with emerald green earrings.

• Medium-value Contrast combines light and medium colours with dark and medium colours. For instance, you can wear a cream fascinator with scarlet red shoes.

• Low-value Contrast combines light with light, dark with dark, and medium with medium colours. For instance, you can wear a white fascinator with beige stiletto heels, a purple fascinator with fuchsia pink jewellery, or a black fascinator with a black clutch.

By now, you may have conjured up an image of a flawless outfit with a fascinator in your head but before you get too far, let’s make some changes to the design of the fascinator.

Nude fascinators and other colourful fascinators are available in an assortment of designs. You can wear a pretty bow-shaped fascinator. Adorn a whimsical fascinator with loops and a feather. Put a beautiful floral-designed fascinator in your hair.

Go big by wearing a hat fascinator with floral detail and two quills. Go even bigger with your headdress by adorning a saucer hat fascinator with a bow on a lace base. You will find these designs and more in every shade.
Don’t leave just yet, as we have a few more tips to share with you before you begin your search for the ideal fascinator.

7 Tips to Select a Fascinator
You can never go wrong with more tips, as you want to ensure you look your best at the wedding. If you want compliments to come your way, you have to look good from head to toe. The following tips will help you in your search to find nude fascinators to pair with your outfit, jewellery, bag, or shoes:

• People with an elongated face shape should wear Saucer Fascinators, tilting them slightly on the side of their heads.

• People with squared jaws should wear Hat Fascinators or Large Saucer Fascinators.

• People should balance their height with width and choose Wider and Intricately Detailed Fascinators.

• People with a short height shouldn’t be afraid to wear Taller Fascinators to add a little height.

• People with an oval face shape can pull off Fascinators in Every Style.

• People invited to an event that will have a lot of photographers should wear a Short Fascinator that reveals their faces.

• People attending a wedding should choose a Modestly Designed Fascinator, as an elaborately designed fascinator may inadvertently upstage the woman of the hour, the bride.

You’ve almost crossed the finish line complete your vision of the perfect fascinator to wear with your dress!

At this point, you may have 99% of the picture complete. To get to a 100%, you need to go through the various nude fascinators we have in our collection and then choose and order a nude fascinator by style, colour, and design to complete your wedding look!