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Navy Fascinators: Are You Making the Right Choice?

Tuesday, 19 April 2022  |  prettycool

How do you even go about choosing a fascinator that ties your whole outfit wonderfully?

The golden rule of selecting the fascinator colour is to match it with your shoes, bag, or a shade in your navy dress. So, what colour fascinator should you wear? This brings us to the question of the hour.

What Colour Fascinator to Wear With a Navy Dress?

You have selected a navy dress to wear, which is great because thatís the first step in choosing the colour of your fascinator. You can select a fascinator that complements or matches your dressís exact colour.

In your case, going with a navy blue fascinator is the safest bet, and we have our reasoning.

First, letís get this out of the way. You can buy an outfit around the fascinator colour but will it be more difficult? ó Yes! Therefore, itís better to buy the dress first, which you have. A gorgeous navy dress! Pairing navy fascinators with the colour of your dress will create a classic and sleek look.

For a minute, letís switch up the scenario.
You have bought a red dress with navy accents, so what do you do now? Simple, you will match the navy fascinator to the dressís accent colour.

Letís look at it from another angle.
You love to mix and match colours and with your navy dress, you want to wear a contrasting fascinator colour. The colours that will balance the blueness of your dress perfectly include orange, red, and pink.
What about a tri-colour combination?

You can match three different colours with your navy dress. This means the colour of the fascinator, bag, and shoes will be different from the dress and each other. However, it can create a haphazard look if the colours clash with each other.

To get it right, you need to follow one rule when playing with colours.

If your selected colours donít coordinate well together with your dress, abandon them. The safest choice is to either choose a matching colour or two different colours. Youíll wear a black dress, carry a black bag, and wear red shoes and a navy blue fascinator.

Since youíre wearing a navy dress, you might be wondering if you should look for navy fascinators that exactly match the shade of your dress or something close to it.

As long as youíre looking for fascinators in the shades of blue, youíre good to go, as itís not necessary to match the fascinator colour exactly to your navy dress. You can choose from a wide range of colour such as light blue, cornflour blue, pale powder blue, cobalt blue, royal blue, and more.

One last thing: you need to select a fascinator style.

Fortunately, we have got you covered in more than just the colour department. Our diverse collection of navy fascinators is available in several styles, navy blue fascinator clip, navy blue fascinator hairband, and navy blue fascinator comb. We also have two-in-one style options. Choose a navy fascinator that complements your navy dress and brings out its best features.