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Caring For Your Fascinator or Hat

Thursday, 18 June 2015  |  prettycool

Fascinator and hat season is upon us, with Ladies Day at Ascot in full flow today and the wedding season peaking.

If you have bought a fascinator or hat this year and have had it a while before the occasion it might just need a little lift. If it is made with sinamay which is the straw mesh type material this is easily moulded back into shape by applying a little steam and the sinamay can then be manipulated or straightened if you should wish to.

Like many people you may being wearing a fascinator or hat from a previous occasion and the above would also apply to this. Some of the feathers may be looking a little drab, if so and if there are plenty on there why not just snip them off at the base, you would never notice and you could even reinvent it by buying some odd feathers and adding another colour to coordinate with a different outfit. A classic Hat or fascinator will never go out of fashion so why not make use of it.

We still have plenty of fascinators and hats for sale at Pretty Cool and as always can give advice on styles via email or by telephone 01438 545 181.

Whatever occasion you're attending, we all hope you have an amazing day and would love to have some photographs of our stunning customers to add to our Facebook page.


Fascinating Info!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013  |  prettycool

Once thought to be a thing of the past, ornate head wear for ladies is turning many heads these days. In 2011, the Duchess of Cambridge revealed a stunning red headpiece when she arrived in Canada. Her fascinator was perfect for the Canada Day Celebrations as it contained a beautiful red maple leaf.

At the recent royal wedding, fascinators were very popular. In fact, many guests showed up with them and perhaps the most talked about was the headpiece worn by Princess Beatrice. This highly unusual hat was in the shape of a pretzel and received worldwide recognition. Eventually, it sold at an online auction for over £81,000.


We Love Fascinators

Saturday, 11 May 2013  |  prettycool

Now, that word fascinators should send Philip Treacy into a bull like rage at a Spanish bull fight. In last months Grazia magazine it was published that 'Philip Treacy declares fascinators are over: They are no more than headbands with a feather stuck on!'.

The really strange thing is, he's said the same words and declarations so many times. In May 2012 Grazia Daily published an article saying 'Philip Treacy on shopping with Sarah Burton, hating Fascinators, and his JFK grudge'. Watching the Royal Ascot coverage is another real joke, with snobbish remarks from male so-called fashion experts commenting on how hats are more stylish when most of the ones they show are in fact a large fascinator or headpiece, because they don't like the term 'Fascinator'. The so-called fashion experts also love to feature the same designer styles, costing many hundreds of pounds and really can't grasp that the vast majority of ladies visiting Ascot are very normal, middle income, and want to look fab on a realistic budget.

Why can't these designers realise that We Love Fascinators? They feel comfortable and can be easily removed or changed without your hair being left flat on your head. We know this is true, as year on year we at Pretty Cool sell more fascinators every year in the £20 - £30 bracket, and guess what - every year they get bolder and more vivid in colour, proving ladies really want to make a statement and look fantastic at the races, or a wedding, or any other excuse to look and feel great!


Wedding Fascinators

Sunday, 6 January 2013  |  prettycool

With wedding season upon us why not take a look at our brand new wedding fascinators that we have added to our lovely collection wedding hair accessories. The two different fascinators have a double rose detail in a cream/ivory colour with feathers all fitted onto a hairband. One of the fascinators has a birdcage veil as well, which is so pretty. Ideal for a bride who really doesn't want to wear a full veil.


Royal Wedding Fascinators

Saturday, 30 April 2011  |  prettycool

Wow, what a beautiful wedding, Kate looked stunning and so did many of their guests. An article in the Telegraph comments on the "Death of the Fascinator", I don't think so, they were there at the wedding worn by many guests including the royals.

Ok, this isn't one of the royals wearing our fascinators but they should have worn one of ours, this is our daughter wearing this obviously her invite was lost in the post as she looks every bit as good as those at the wedding. Perhaps Kate will choose one of ours for her next engagement.

What snobbery is involved with the wearing of fascinators by those who deem to be experts on what is tasteful and what is not. Surely if the royals and top celebrities are wearing fascinators how can they not be tasteful. The telegraph changes the description of the fascinators to suit themselves. When the so called hat resembles a fascinator they call it a headpiece, especially when worn by one of the royals. How convenient for them to change the term when it suits them.


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