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Friday, 28 December 2012  |  prettycool

At last we have nailed ourselves down to do our blog. We started our website about two years ago, and now feel after all this time we finally have a site to be proud of. Our range of fashion jewellery is huge and we are constantly adding designs to the site, for instance this season's big trend being ethnic, our ethnic range is amazing and something to suit everyone's taste, big and bold and then for the less confident still keeping on trend but a little more delicate.

Our biggest seller for this Summer and we expect to go through to the Autumn is our bendy snake necklace which is available in bronze, silver and gold. Even though we have stocked this since last Autumn they have only really begun to be popular in the last 2 months, this may be paritially due to the high profile celebrities being seen wearing these. Only the other night we spotted Carol Thatcher wearing one, but please don't be put off there are far more glamorous women looking stunning in these.

Another big trend at this moment is the large fashion rings seen in many magazines and at our prices you could afford to have one with every outfit. Check out our cubic zirconia rings available in clear, red, purple, lilac, green and amber.

Let us know what you think and we'll keep you posted with all our new arrivals coming up and all the new trends on the horizon.

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