All of our fascinators are delivered in a box with tissue paper so that they arrive perfect and not squashed.  This is different to a lot of companies who send them out in jiffy bags or mail bags.   We also allow you to return them to us at your cost should they not be suitable (ie. doesn't match your outfit or doesn't suit you), we only allow this if the labels are still in place.  This is also something that some other companies do not allow.  


Our PrettyCool collection of fascinators are becoming increasingly popular for special events such as weddings, parties, race meetings and Ascot. Our products can't be found on many websites or department stores and are designed exclusive to us. These hair pieces make the perfect hair accessory and not only are they excellent attire, they are also convenient to wear. When you use a simple head ornament, you may select from straight, curly or wavy hair to compliment your fascinator. As most of these are inexpensive to buy, you can make a fashion statement when attending a formal party such as the Royal Ascot. This event is the fashion showcase of the year in UK as most of the attention is turned to the hats worn by ladies. You can find all kinds of colours and designs such as Tangerine Tango, Navy, Union Jack Red and the popular White and Blue styles that are seen everywhere, check out this article for more ideas

Fascinator hats are known to be the most fashionable finishing touch to your hair and attire. Wearing them saves people all the hassle of doing up their hair. You may choose to leave your hair straight down, up or even a little aside. Whatever you decide, you are sure to make a statement on the night.

The style and size of your hat depends on the occasion that you will be attending. Most ladies who are going to special events such as proms tend to prefer larger pieces, whereas weddings often tend to be lower key. However, the mother of bride or groom usually wears the largest head wear. If you are worried about the size, padding can be bought to make it smaller, or you may fix it with grips or clips.

Once you have chosen your ideal headpiece, it is now time to show it off. After all,  all fascinators are made for show in cocktail parties and special occasions. These accessories intend to complement formal attire and they are less likely to flatten your hairdo. Find the most ideal piece online and be prepared to impress all your friends and family with your latest fashion accessory.